Political Pundit and Global Strategist Dick Morris…On 2016 Watershed Election

By Sabina Clarke

In his New York Times bestseller ArmageddonHow Trump Can Beat Hillary, the astute and insightful political pundit and global strategist Dick Morris known for his hard-hitting political commentary and his attorney wife Eileen McGann have painted a withering but fact-based portrait of Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee while presenting a compelling argument as to why a Hillary presidency would be disastrous for the country, “The corruption involving the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department is so vast, so pervasive and so complicated—that we can’t keep up with it.”

With another Clinton administration Morris envisions “ a signature style of endless drama, scandals, lies, cronyism, nepotism, pathological secrecy, hatred of the press, his and her enemies lists , misuse of government power, paranoia, macho stubbornness, arrogance and contempt for the rule of law coupled with the expansion of the corrupt institutional intertwining of the Clinton Foundation and its donors with every government policy imaginable.”

For 20 years, Morris who has a degree in government from Columbia University, served as chief strategist and political advisor to former President Bill Clinton—from Clinton’s first run for Governor of Arkansas to his comeback campaign in 1996 and his subsequent election to the Presidency.

No longer in government, Morris says he is happy being in the private sector, “I feel I have quite a bit of power without serving in government – just kibitzing, writing columns and books and giving commentary on the radio show on my website www. Dick Morris.com.

He and his wife Eileen just celebrated their wedding anniversary in Ireland, “This is about our 40th trip there—we love it.” Asked whether he thinks there will be a united Ireland, he said, “I think demographics will do what politics fails to do. I think that soon there will be a Catholic majority in Northern Ireland that will vote for merger with the Republic. They might have done that sooner if they had stayed in the European Union.”

Morris sees a dramatic shift in American politics in this election year which no longer separates the Right from the Left but rather that which divides insiders from outsiders—the globalists from the Americans.

SC You call this election an ‘American Armageddon, why?

DM I believe this is the last election we are going to have in which the direction of the country can be changed. I think Hillary would legalize the 12 million or so immigrants who are here and would appoint judges to the Supreme Court who will ratify that and I don’t think conservatives will win another election.

And with the 110,000 immigrants Obama wants to bring in next year and the following year, it will create enough of a Muslim base in the United States to subject us to the same kind of internalized threat that has virtually destroyed civil society in France and Belgium and threatened it in Germany and Britain. And it will be too late once these folks are here. I mention a poll in my book taken by Pew where they ask Muslim immigrants living in the United States if it is ever justified to commit violence in the name of jihad. Eighty –one percent said never but nineteen percent said “under certain circumstances I could see it”—so with a million people, that’s a lot of folks to be worried about.

Also, when Obama took office the number of people who worked full-time was almost twice the number of those who are on welfare. Now they are just about even. And in a few years, the welfare recipients will surpass the taxpayers. When Obama took office there were 76 million on welfare, now that number is up to 107 million on food stamps and Medicaid. And citizens working full-time have dropped from 137 million to 114 million. And once these lines cross, I think we become Detroit or Greece.

SC If Hillary becomes President, what kind of administration do you foresee?

DM I think she will continue Obama’s policies. I think she will create a completely government controlled medical system because I think they realize that Obama Care has failed and they now have to take the next step or retreat entirely. I think it is very possible that she will get us into another war. She is like Thatcher in that respect—a woman commander-in-chief who has to prove herself. I think she will get the Supreme Court to ratify all the stuff that Obama has done. I think she will continue to take steps to prevent global warming even if the price has completely changed our economy—and I have serious questions if human caused global warming can be stopped or even if that is an important threat; but it will completely change our economy and we’ll lose a lot of our sovereignty to the United Nations. I don’t think she‘ll be a revolutionary president like Obama. I think she would just continue his policies and set everything in stone so it can never change.

SC In your book, you talk about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) introduced and signed into law by Bill Clinton and the Trans-Pacific Partnership ( TPP) introduced by Obama –both of which have dealt a blow to manufacturing jobs in the United States—but also you mention another treaty deal on the horizon which will negatively and dramatically affect our service industry in the United States.

DM Yes, that is the Trade in Services Agreement, TISA. It is a real threat. It will do to the service sector what NAFTA and the TPP are doing to the manufacturing sector. It is being secretly negotiated by Obama and it has been leaked by Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks. It is coming behind the TPP for signing and ratification and will be signed into law next year. It is a backdoor attempt to allow unrestricted immigration into the United States. So, the Sheraton could import workers from Peru who are willing to work for the minimum wage or less and they can do it without federal regulation. This treaty provides the free flow of labor just like in the European Union—that would permit companies to transfer their workforce to the United States without reference to immigration laws or restrictions. It will also restrict American laws governing worker safety, environmental regulations and consumer protections. Public interest groups are opposed to it for obvious reasons while top corporations are pushing for it. I think it will have a huge depression effect on wages in this country caused by a massive influx of low income workers. This is one of the reasons that Lincoln opposed slavery. You can’t have a wage system with people willing to work for nothing. Also, free trade, which is for the benefit of the elite, creates this. I think TISA will be the capstone on that.

SC Why do you think this is happening?

DM Now that the conservatives and republicans have demonstrated a bit of a lock on Congress, the goal of the Left is to transfer the locus of power and decision making to the United Nations and International Treaty just as they do in the European Union. And treaties have the force of constitutional amendments. And I believe we are looking at an entire transference of sovereignty. And I would not be opposed to that except for the fact that the majority of the world is run by horrible repressive dictators. And I don’t think they should be in charge of our domestic policies. And I see in all of Hillary’s and Obama’s work, the transfer of huge portions of our economy –the internet is the latest example—to the international community which is not a democracy and not composed of democracies. This political strategy is comparable to the time when cities in the U.S. were controlled by immigrant politicians and the WASP establishment moved the locus of power from cities to states. Then when racists in the South controlled state governments, liberal humanists correctly moved power from states to federal governments.

SC In your book, you mention Hillary’s insider trading when she was a lawyer in Arkansas and Bill was Governor of Arkansas and that Bill reciprocated for the insider information—in which Hillary invested $1,000 and walked away with $100, 000 by waiving environmental standards to help the Tyson chicken industry in Arkansas—that goes back a long time.

DM Yes it does. It is kind of the original sin that causes all other sins. Because she did not want to reveal the Tyson Chicken trade, she would not release her tax returns. That led to the Special Prosecutor and the Paula Jones lawsuit which led to the Monica Lewinsky deposition that led to the impeachment that led to creating the Clinton Foundation as an alternate way of making a living that led to the secret cover-up we see today.

SC You cite many examples of Hillary’s blatant lies and distortion of the truth such as her claim to have “landed under sniper fire” during a trip to Bosnia in 1996.

DM That is correct. She recounted this in a foreign policy speech on Iraq in March 17th, 2008 when in fact, she was greeted at the airport by a young girl who presented her with a poem. And just this past week, she said that when she studied for the LSAT (law school exam) she was harassed by male students who said that by taking the exam she was taking the place of a male student who could lose his deferment from Vietnam. This could not be true because in February 1968 President Johnson dropped any deferment from law school and Hillary took the test in early 1969—so this could not have happened.

SC From your experience of knowing her and observing her closely, why do you think Hillary lies about incidents such as this?

DM I think it is because she feels that Bill is effortlessly charismatic and she isn’t so she invents circumstances to make herself appear charismatic. She routinely invents a completely alternate reality. She is always telling stuff that isn’t true.

SC What was your impression of Hillary when she was living in the White House?

DM In the White House, I felt that every problem and every single scandal we had traced back to Hillary’s excessive paranoid desire for secrecy and in the 1990’s, it was because she wanted to minimize her vulnerability. Now, I believe it is an attempt to hide her outright corruption. The change in the Clinton’s has been: in the seventies and eighties it was a romance, in the nineties, it was a partnership, now it is a RICO—racketeering organization. She needs the former President to be out there passing the bag for speaking fees and bribes—the ‘bagman’. The idea that they set up this whole vehicle—this foundation (Clinton Foundation) with a patina of charitable activity but underneath it there was this massive attempt to funnel cash to them. They made a total of $70 million dollars from the Saudi monarchy after leaving the White House and they reciprocated by doing everything possible to rehab the Saudi image after 9/11.

SC It must have been difficult for you to deal with Hillary since she was so obstinate and resistant to your advice.

DM It was. The saving grace was that he was President and not her. He was a very different person. He was much stronger physically and much stronger emotionally and much more assertive and much more in control. Seeing Hillary without Bill is like seeing a nuclear reactor without a control panel.

SC Do you think Vince Foster, Bill Clinton’s White House Counsel was murdered?

DM Ken Starr, the independent counsel who led Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, told me personally and off-the-record, that it was a suicide and Starr is no friend of Bill Clinton’s. However, the murder of the young DNC staffer Seth Rich in Washington on July 7th—the man WikiLeaks identified as leaking the DNC emails—is troublesome.

SC Do you think Julian Assange is going to release emails through WikiLeaks that will stop Hillary in October?

DM Yes, I do. I am in no position to know it but I am hypothesizing that Russia may have all of her emails. And they release those through Assange. And that will put to bed any question as to whether she endangered national security.

SC If Hillary were to drop out of the race for any reason, you said VP Joe Biden would replace her-why wouldn’t it be Bernie Sanders?

DM The Democratic establishment would never choose Sanders. I think Sanders and Trump and Nigel Farage in the UK—a client of mine—are reshaping the partisan alignment in America. The globalists against the Americans. The entire opposition is almost a Marxist approach of a class-based system—so it is not a question of if you are liberal or conservative but do you benefit from the global economy or are you being screwed by the global economy. That transaction is absolutely key and I think Bernie Sanders pointed that out well and Donald Trump is pointing it out very well.

SC Do you think Bernie Sanders was threatened to drop out of the race?

DM No. The Democrats admitted him into their caucus as a voluntary act. If he chose not to run as a Democrat, they could refuse to caucus with him—which would mean he would lose his chairmanship, his seniority and his committee assignments.

SC What do you think of Hillary’s ties to Wall Street?

DM I think she has become literally the Holy Grail of Wall Street. When you look at the disparity of contributions, it is amazing. She is the candidate who received the most direct campaign contributions from Wall Street in addition to the $15 million given to her Super PACs—and these contributions come with a very long string. There is an important point behind that. The Left is bent out of shape by the Citizens United decision but on the ground, financial reform jumped leaps and bounds ahead in this election cycle because the person who spent the least money in the Republican Primary was Donald Trump. Sanders spent more than Hillary did—by about 10 million in the Primary. Television advertising and the power of money is being dramatically diminished in our process because fewer people are watching TV. Trump raised nearly $100 million from small contributions; more than any republican or democrat has ever done—even Obama. Hillary is the last gasp of the monied establishment trying to buy an election. Trump needs to tie Wall Street around the neck of the Democrats using the facts to dispel the myth that it was the Republicans who allowed the rich to get much richer.

SC You talk about the cozy long-standing relationship between both Hillary and Bill and Wall Street.

DM Since they left the White House in 2001, the Clintons have raked in more than $100 million from Wall Street –just in personal speaking fees. This does not include donations to the Clinton Foundation—which they control—or campaign contributions which combined total over $3.5 million. Never has a candidate gotten more money from a single source than the Clintons have received from Wall Street. Bernie Sanders did all he could in the debates to educate the public about the Clintons’ ties to the Wall Street speculators.

SC You talk about the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act which led to the bank crash in 2007 and 2008.

DM In 1999 Bill Clinton signed the bill repealing the Glass Steagall Act which then permitted banks to do whatever the hell they wanted, which led to the crash in 2007 and 2008. Bill lost his law license, so what is he going to do for a living? Give speeches. Before whom? The banks. Two weeks out of the White House, his first speech is for Morgan Stanley is for $125,000. And following in rapid succession—bank speech after bank speech—all I believe that were pay-offs for signing the deregulation of Glass –Steagel.

SC What do you think of Hillary and her aide Huma Abedin?

DM Huma was assigned to Hillary in 1996 as a White House intern. I think she is a dangerous influence on Hillary. You spend your life being educated in Saudi Arabia and working as an articles editor on this Muslim publication on minority affairs that was founded by a foundation for good that is a terrorist organization. She has strong connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. I think she could be a ‘Manchurian’ aide.

SC Another of my questions that you pre-empted by addressing in your book is Hillary’s claiming an important role in the Northern Ireland Peace Process.

DM If anyone knew the answer to this it would be Senator George Mitchell U.S. Envoy to Northern Ireland and Chair of the Northern Ireland Peace Talks. All he mentions in his book Making Peace is that Hillary and the President were warmly received in Belfast, London and Dublin. There is no further mention of Hillary by Mitchell or by any of the central figures in the Peace Process. Yet, she managed to get inducted into the Irish Hall of Fame for “her role in the Irish peace Process.” Later, it was learned that it was Bill cronies and Hillary’s supporters who actually arranged for this dubious award.

SC Why is Obama, a sitting President, so vigorously campaigning for Hillary?

DM I think he feels that his legacy is extremely tenuous—will Iran develop a nuclear bomb, will health care reform and health care access in the United States ultimately change, is global warming the threat he perceives and are his actions timely in averting it? These are questions that cannot be answered in eight years—probably not for twenty years. But he needs four more years to solidify and set in stone the things that he has done. And then we’ll see if he was right or not. And that is what the legacy is going to determine.

About Dick Morris:

With his wife Eileen McGann, Dick Morris has written 14 books, including 10 New York Times best-sellers. Together they pen daily columns for their website www.dickmorris.com and many publications including the New York Post, Newsmax and the Hill magazine. Morris has handled the winning campaigns of more than 30 Senators and Governors, including President Bill Clinton and Republican Majority Leader Trent Lott. Internationally, he has piloted the successful campaigns of the president or prime minister of Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Kenya, Hungary, Poland, Taiwan, Japan and the UKIP leader Nigel Farage.