Boston College Belfast Project…Doomed from the Start

by Sabina Clarke The Boston College Belfast Project’s ill-fated attempt to capture the stories of former Irish Republican Army, IRA, members and former Loyalist paramilitary members during the period in Northern Ireland known as The Troubles has been fraught with… Continue Reading

Catching Up with Carrie Twomey…The Battle to Quash Subpoenas in Boston and Belfast

Photo © Katharine Gilbert By Sabina Clarke Recently I caught up with Carrie Twomey, safely ensconced with her husband Dr. Anthony McIntyre and children in County Louth, Ireland. McIntyre , who conducted interviews with former IRA members in the Boston… Continue Reading

Americans’ First Amendment Right to Know…

Trumps Foreign Treaty Agreements By James J. Cotter III and Eamonn Dornan A recent US Federal Appeals Court decision upholding subpoenas of research by two Boston College scholars into ‘the Troubles’ has grave implications for political stability in Northern Ireland… Continue Reading

A Breach of Promise—Awaiting Verdict on Boston College IRA Tapes

If you would like to read the previous article on this subject click here  By Sabina Clarke  As of today July 15th, former IRA member, author and journalist Anthony McIntyre, his American wife Carrie Twomey and New York author and… Continue Reading

Unraveling the Boston College Debacle…An Interview with Carrie Twomey

By Sabina Clarke Carrie Twomey doesn’t mince words. She is furious at Boston College for failing to protect their archives. Carrie is the American-born Orange County, Southern California wife of Belfast-born author, journalist, ex Irish Republican Army volunteer and former… Continue Reading