She Talks to the Angels…And She’s Been to Heaven

By Sabina Clarke

Irish author Lorna Byrne who lives a quiet life in County Kilkenny, Ireland has been seeing and talking to angels since she was a child. In 2003 she decided to tell her story to the world—at the angels’ prompting. From an early age, Lorna a mother of four was told by the angels that she would write a book about them. She recalls that she used to laugh and protest; reminding them that she was severely dyslexic and “could not read or write properly.”

But the angels persisted and assured Lorna that she would get help. Years later, through a mutual friend, she met a woman who has been at her side ever since helping her to edit her books and schedule speaking engagements all over the world. Her agent assured me that Lorna does all her own writing and speaks into a voice activated computer. Her inspiration comes from the angels and her truly phenomenal otherworldly experiences—which she does not sensationalize.

In 2008, Byrne’s  first book Angels in My Hair was an international bestseller, published in 50 countries and translated into 27 languages. That was followed by her second book Stairways To Heaven, also a bestseller. And this year, her third book A Message of Hope from the Angels, was released to much acclaim –again catapulting her to the bestseller list.

Lorna’s formal education ended in 6th grade in what she calls ‘ordinary school, “I didn’t go to a fancy school or the university but I feel that I had a better education in one sense because the angels taught me everything I know.”

Lorna was born into a poor family in Dublin. In the 1950’s, people considered different were labeled retarded. Since she didn’t speak until after the age of two years old, she was considered ‘slow’ and actually overheard a neighbor saying to her mother, “She is lucky she is not in an institution.”

Looking back, she says, “You have to remember back in Ireland in the 1950’s, people didn’t know about dyslexia. So, if you showed any signs of being slow, which I was, they called you ‘retarded.’ The doctors actually told my mother and father that I was retarded. Later, in school, I had a great deal of trouble reading and writing by hand—I don’t read books at all. I have taught myself some words like exit and out. But it has taken my whole life to unravel these words because I see them different.”

When Lorna was 4 years old, the Archangel Michael came to her and told her his name was Michael; it was not until years later, that he told her he was Michael the Archangel. When she was 9 years old, the Angel Elijah let her see her future husband Joe and told her that he would die young—this came to pass. Although the marriage was a happy one, her husband had myriad health problems and died at the age of forty-six; leaving her alone with four children—the youngest child was just five years old.

Photo | Katharine Gilbert

She emphasizes that everyone has a guardian angel that is with them from the moment they are born until death. She sees guardian angels as a column of light appearing about three steps behind a person. Often she sees a beautiful perfect human appearance and sometimes they show their wings. The following description of an angel is from her book Stairways to Heaven, “An angel stepped through the trees and as he came closer to me, the aura of light surrounding him grew brighter. Tall and elegant, he had a human appearance. He was radiant….as with all angels. His feet didn’t touch the ground as he walked.”

SC Why did you decide to write A Message of Hope from the Angels?

LB I wasn’t even thinking of a book until Angel Michael came along and said, ‘Lorna, you have to start writing. I told him that I didn’t know what to write about and he said to write about hope.

SC When did you tell people you saw angels?

LB The angels told me when I was quite young that I should not tell anyone what I saw and that I must keep it a secret. They were constantly telling me that.

SC Did you tell your husband Joe about this?

LB Right before he died, I told him. He believed me but he was very shocked. He said that ‘only priests and nuns see angels, not ordinary people like you and me.’ I remember that day. I knew I would never see him again. Then the angels told me he was gone—he is not coming back—that was right before he died.

SC What do angels look like?

LB When they have a human appearance, with or without wings, their eyes are one of their most fascinating features. Angels’ eyes are not like human eyes. They are so much more alive, so full of life and light and love. Their radiance fills me completely. I feel like I am in the presence of a tremendous power.

SC Why do you think God has chosen you to see angels?

LB I don’t know why God has chosen me in this way. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. I’m just an ordinary person. But He did choose me and He sent His angels to teach me.

SC How did you feel when at the age of 10, you were shown your future husband and then told he would die young?

LB I asked the Angel Elijah why he had to tell me that. He just said that I needed to know and that this would go to the back of my mind. It did go to the back of my mind but I never forgot.

SC Who gave Elijah his name?

LB He told me his name

SC You talk about Angel Hosus being a big part of your life, when did you first see him and did he show you his wings?

LB I first met Hosus the first day after school on my way home. He always wore a robe and a funny hat. He has seldom shown me his wings. Angels don’t always show their wings. When they do, I feel very privileged. They are fantastic.

SC Have you ever touched an angel or shaken his hand?

LB Yes, the Archangel Michael has taken my hand. It may seem strange for you. I have lived this every day—ever since I was an infant—so it is very normal for me.

SC What does the Archangel Michael look like?

LB He looks like he is 30 or 35 years old, at most. He is very handsome. It would depend on where I am, how he would be dressed. He rarely allows me to see his wings.

SC Why is that?

LB I suppose it is because I remember once getting a terrible shock. After I was married, I remember walking with Angel Michael through the main college square where there were a lot of priests and young men. Michael was dressed as a priest and he allowed himself to be seen. People who passed us said, ‘Hello, Father’, to him.

SC In your book A Message of Hope from the Angels, you said that you were sitting at your kitchen table with Michael the Archangel and he showed you a glimpse of humanity’s future if people grow spiritually

LB  Yes, he showed me a future where people of all religions will be praying together-and able to see angels –physically-as I do

SC You said in your book that the Angel Amen came to you when you were 4 years old and sat on your bed and taught you how to pray—how did you know his name?

LB  He told me his name

SC You say that you have been to Heaven; what is it like. Also, have you seen Hell and does it exist?

LB  Heaven is real, it exists and God is real.  God has shown me that He has never sent anyone to Hell. He has taken my soul to Heaven on several occasions. I was a child and God was walking beside me. I hinted at this in my first book. My editor was afraid that people might be put off. But some people figured it out anyway.

SC  Do people have bodies in Heaven?

LB  How can I describe it—they’re more beautiful. The soul is actually incredible. You can see bodies-they all look young and they are in the presence of God. It is perfect. There is no pain. It is hard to put into words

SC  When you speak before big crowds, have you ever been tempted to ask an angel to appear—just once?

LB  Of course, I have—many times. But we cannot tell God or the angels what to do. I have talked to Michael and Hosus at times and told them people have been asking about this.

SC How can someone get in touch with his or her guardian angel?

LB  The first thing you do is believe you have a guardian angel and ask him for help

SC How can we find out the name of our guardian angel?

LB  Millions of people have been asking me this. I said to the angels, ‘What will I say to them? They said—and these are the angels’ exact words—“It is the name that you love, that is in your heart.” I have been told that you knew it when you were a child. Children talk to their guardian angels all the time.

SC  Do you feel like you have a foot in both worlds?

LB What a lovely question. Yes, I would have to say that I do. Sometimes, I ask God to remember that I am also a  flesh and blood person—not just an old soul and sometimes I ask Him if I have to give out all the time.


  1. I love Lorna and hope I get a chance to meet and speak with her, I have Alway’s talked to my angel,I truly believe everything Lorna say’s!!

  2. Ths is such a good interview, I saw Lorna last week in London, she is such a beautiful gentle soul, it is so easy to see why she was chosen: Lorna delivers messages from the angels in a simplistic genuine way without letting her own ego get in the way. Brilliant!

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for your comments-particularly since you have met Lorna-I hope to meet her when she comes to Philadelphia- I agree with you as to why she was chosen to communicate wwith the angels–Best Regards, Sabina

  3. An excellent account of your interview with Lorna. Having read Lorna’s books and followed her tweets and Facebook since then I am steadfastly in awe.

    • hi Andrew, thanks for your comments- so glad you liked the interview-I think Lorna is amazing-hope to meet her ..Best Regards, Sabina

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